A Revolutionary Formative Assessment Tool for Teachers

Identify Knowledge Gaps

Create custom quizzes on any topic you’re currently teaching. Access hundreds of high quality diagnostic questions that are designed by teachers to help you identify and target your students’ knowledge gaps. 

Diagnostic Question

Access Hundreds of Diagnostic Questions

Custom Quizzes
Create Custom Quizzes
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Identify Knowledge Gaps 

Automatic & Constructive Feedback

ZenTeach provides students with highly specific and constructive feedback so that students can target their knowledge gaps independently. Receive actionable quiz reports that support your lesson planning and access our growing library of quality resources that we have made so you don’t have to.

Automated Constructive Feedback


Actionable Quiz Reports


Access Lesson Resources

Hands-off Tracking

Mentally tracking individual student progress in detail is impossible.
ZenTeach automatically re-quizzes students on the content they got wrong on previous quizzes, helping them along with learning resources. Only when knowledge gaps persist are they reported to the teacher who can address these personally.



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Automatic Tracking of Knowledge Gaps

Insights Into Persistent Knowledge Gaps

Teach, Quiz, Feedback, Repeat

We want to support teachers at every point in the teaching and learning cycle. With the ZenTeach Knowledge Graph we can connect our content in more meaningful ways, supporting teachers at every point in the teaching and learning cycle as well as tracking student progress consistently over time.

Teaching: Lesson Resources

Diagnostic Question
Quizzing: Diagnostic Question Library

Feedback: Individual, Constructive, Specific

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