A Map of the Brain

Our understanding of the world is based on a complex web of individual pieces of knowledge that are connected with each other. You can think of a giant mind map that connects all of your knowledge in meaningful ways.

A Cartographer’s job is to map the landscape. The landscape exists whether or not the Cartographer comes along, but having a map of the landscape allows its user to anticipate obstacles, plan cities and simply make better use of the land.

We like to think of ourselves as Cartographers of the brain. Our landscape is the complex web of knowledge and our map is a Knowledge Graph. Knowing how knowledge is connected allows us to do very exciting things.

Learning From the Best

What if we could take the experience of an expert teacher and make it accessible to novice teachers?

Through trial and error, teachers build Knowledge Graphs in their heads of the subject matter they teach. This takes years to achieve and is continuously refined. Any complex topic such as climate change or gene editing can be broken down into a list of simple facts, which are then sequenced in the most coherent manner. 

By working with teachers we have managed to translate their mind-based Knowledge Graph for Science GCSE into a digital form. We can use the graph to help teachers plan lessons, track student progress and accelerate teaching proficiency.

One Large Web

All knowledge is connected, but we have created imaginary separations such as subjects, key stages and topics. In reality, an interconnected web spans across all these divides. 


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