Our vision

Assist teachers

Our vision is to assist teachers with their daily work. A well supported teacher is one that has a greater positive impact on their students. 

reduce teacher workload

We strive to keep great teachers in the profession by reducing unnecessary workload through the use of technology.

A 2019 study by the Department for Education found that 87% of secondary school teachers view workload to be a fairly serious or very serious problem (n=7000). 

A 2017 study by the House of Commons found that 75% of teachers cited high workload as the main reason for considering leaving the profession.   

A good education is built on the shoulders of great teachers. In fact, teachers are the single largest contributor to improved student outcomes (Hattie, 2017), which is why ZenTeach strives to help teachers stay in the profession. 

ZenTeach is built by teachers – for teachers.

Workflow integration

New functionality is only helpful if it doesn’t cause more workload.

Helping teachers reduce their workload already helps a great deal with improving student outcomes. A well-rested and happy teacher will be more excited about their subject, prepare better lessons and most importantly, stay in the profession.

Additionally, we are very careful not to build something that will cause more workload. The key phrase is “workflow integration”. Many tech tools for teachers introduce powerful features, but they usually also entail more work to engage with. At ZenTeach, we work hard to cater to existing workflows.