ZenTeach helps you quiz your students regularly without causing additional workload.  It helps students overcome their misconceptions and knowledge gaps with highly specific quiz feedback and continues quizzing students until their understanding is solid.

Automation of tasks

Formative assessment is one the most effective interventions we (teachers) can do to help student progress [Hattie, 2017], but it takes a lot of time to do right. ZenTeach automates the formative assessment cycle so that teachers can focus on planning lessons and teaching.

Diagnostic Multiple Choice Questions

Diagnostic Multiple Choice Questions (DMCQ’s) are not binary (Correct or False), but distinguish between different false answers. Using DMCQ’s reduces the number of overall questions needed and provide powerful insights into student understanding.

Feedback and Re-Testing

Each question also has highly specific feedback linked to it, which allows students to improve independently.

Knowledge gaps and misconceptions are re-tested in follow-up quizzes until their understanding is solid.

Track progress

ZenTeach uses student quiz data to colour code the knowledge graph. This allows you to visually see which misconceptions and knowledge gaps currently exist for individual students or across the whole class. 

As students study and get quizzed repeatedly their progress is shown in the graph as colour changes. Students get to see their own progress in this manner as well.

Plan better lessons

The ZenTeach knowledge graph helps you identify pre-requisite knowledge for any topic you plan to teach. It sequences teaching elements such that students are not confused due to a lack of prior knowledge. 

ZenTeach will launch soon!

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